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  • 03:25 The Instable Collective - Losers and Winners

    The Instable Collective - Losers and Winners

    by Ghostrecord Added Likes

    First Official Video for "The Instable Collective. "Losers and Winners" is the song take from the fourth album named "Destroy To Regenerate" made by one man band project "The Instable Collective".The video tells the story of a serial killer who is about t

  • 03:20 Ru Fus - Enigma

    Ru Fus - Enigma

    by Ghostrecord Added Likes

    Ru Fus - Enigma. out on Ghost Label Record.

  • 03:46 Egosystema - Innocence Betrayed (lyric video)

    Egosystema - Innocence Betrayed (lyric video)

    by Ghostrecord Added Likes

    Egosystema - Innocence Betrayed. Official video lyric 2017

  • 04:24 Niamh - Maniac

    Niamh - Maniac

    by Ghostrecord Added Likes

    NIAMH - Maniac. From the album Corax (Ghost Label Rec., 2017)

  • 04:44 Ru Fus - Radiation

    Ru Fus - Radiation

    by Ghostrecord Added Likes

    Regia & montaggio: Ambra Lunard. 2015, Ghostrecord

  • 05:02 Hyena Ridens - Non basta il mare

    Hyena Ridens - Non basta il mare

    by Ghostrecord Added Likes

    Non basta il mare, music video of Hyena Ridens. Song taken from the album 'Cave Canem', out on Ghostrecord (ottobre 2014)

  • 05:17 Hyena Ridens - Cellula

    Hyena Ridens - Cellula

    by Ghostrecord Added Likes

    Hyena Ridens BiographyOfficially born in 2009, Hyena Ridens project lays its roots in a pre-existing formation, the Demons of the Rainbow (2006), a psychedelic rock experience started with basement rehearsals and small gigs in which Gennaro Davide, Paolo

  • 02:50 Day After Rules - My Innocence

    Day After Rules - My Innocence

    by Ghostrecord Added Likes

    My Innocence, first single from INNOCENCE, Day After Rules LP, Ottobre 2014

  • 07:46 Athesis - Hostilia

    Athesis - Hostilia

    by Ghostrecord Added Likes

    Athesis's "Hostilia" from the EP "Athesis".Song written, composed and performed by Athesis.Video by Pandamonio

  • 03:47 Baryonyx - NoSen

    Baryonyx - NoSen

    by Ghostrecord Added Likes

    The official music video for Baryonyx "NoSen" from their album, TRIAS © 2012 Black Out Dischi. Directed by Antonio Morelli. Video: Black Out Dischi as Antonio Morelli © 2012

  • 03:09 Diluve - What the Hell...!?!

    Diluve - What the Hell...!?!

    by Ghostrecord Added Likes

    Diluve - Eber-Hart Festival. (Treuchtlingen-Marmorwerk-Germany)

  • 04:29 Baryonyx - Nuvole di Vetro

    Baryonyx - Nuvole di Vetro

    by Ghostrecord Added Likes

    The official music video for Baryonyx "Nuvole di Vetro" from their album, TRIAS.

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